Investment Advisory

Depending on the objectives of the client, the time horizon of the funds to be invested we provide advice for creating a portfolio of investments. Furthermore as and when the client wants to invest additional funds, we provide advice based on mutual understanding of the clients goals and time horizon. This service includes the following
Online access to your mutual fund portfolio.
Excel database record and reminders at maturity for your Fixed Income Portfolio.
Periodic review and restructuring of portfolio in response to client needs and market dynamics.
Mutual fund statements on E-mail whenever required by the client.
Latest updates/knowledge articles on e-mail.
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Savings & Investments

Everybody understands the need to save or invest for the future, but with so many options to choose from where do you start? With so many options to choose from and multiple large Financial institutions all looking for your money it is important to get good, unbiased, independent advice on the options available.

At ARYA ADVISORY SERVICE we understand how to identify the perfect solutions for our clients. In some cases the investment may be targeted for just a short period of time or in others a longer term is required for retirement or school fees. The selection of product provider and suitable investment choices is something we take very seriously and a great deal of research goes into any Portfolio we put together for you.

Whatever your reasons for putting money aside, we have the perfect solution at our fingertips. A simple 45 minute meeting will allow us to identify clearly what your needs are or you can e-mail us your requirements so that we can review your circumstances and put together some ideas for you.

Regular Savings Plans

Everyone has plans and dreams for the future, but very few of us have all the money we need to achieve those goals and aspirations. Whatever the reason, we all have a need to set money aside for some greater purpose, be it retirement, school fees, children's weddings, our dream home or a round the World tour. The issue is not should you have some savings plan in place but how soon should you be doing it.

It is only human nature to delay making decisions to set aside money for the future, we are all too often absorbed by what we are doing now to consider it seriously. Unfortunately delaying now only means paying more over a shorter period later to achieve the same goals.

It is very important to plan carefully when setting up a savings facility. Many people forget to allow for inflation in their calculations and subsequently end up after years of savings with less 'buying power' than they had anticipated. To target the correct amount is not difficult and by using the advice of a professional from Arya Advisory Service you can be sure you have prepared for every eventuality.

If you need help in calculating how much you might need to save Contact Us. There are many very good opportunities for savers depending on time horizon and risk appetite. Speak to one of our professional advisors now to get you started on the right path.

Planning for Children’s Education

Planning for the children's long term education can be somewhat problematic. For example where will they study?, which country? which school/university? Will you be with them or will it be a boarding facility or need accommodation? The costs can vary enormously from country to country and even between each educational facility in the same country, so careful planning is essential.

You will need to have set aside a lump sum of money depending on the quality of higher education that you want to provide your child. At Arya Advisory Service we have access to all the major companies who specialise in this type of educational plan and more importantly, we have the expertise to help you plan your budgets and get the necessary structure in place to cover all the costs.

Our investment advisory services are free to clients and no obligation is required.

Wedding Planning for the Children

It is never too soon to start planning for that 'special day' in the life of your children. We know already that this can be an expensive exercise and there is little likelihood that it will get easier to find the money as the years progress. Whether you want to set aside a Lump Sum of money to grow into the Nest Egg you will need or if you prefer to stagger the cost by saving on a regular basis to achieve your goal there is no time like the present to make a start.

At Arya Advisory we have numerous ways of building a portfolio for you which should grow with the years to give you more than enough to be able to give your children the wedding they always dreamed of.

With a broad range of options to offer parents, we are able to help prepare, budget, plan and implement a strategy that will ensure you have what you need, when you need it, so that your children will enjoy a day of happiness and fulfillment that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Talk to us now about the best ways to plan for that 'special day'

Lump Sums for Investment

It may be inherited, it may be from a house sale or a sale of investments or even from your earning sitting in the Bank earning very little. For people with a lump sum of money to invest the first priority is always the security of their money? The last thing you want to happen is to see the value of your hard earned cash dissipate due to bad advice

At Arya Advisory we have years of experience in identifying the perfect investment vehicles for people to use to safely maximise their wealth expansion and accumulation. Whether it is with a 'Capital Guarantee' or simply to be used as a means of generating a 'Fixed Income', we have the ideal solutions to make that happen for you.

For a considered, balanced proposal on the best way to utilise your savings let Arya Advisory give you a variety of proposals to consider on how best to grow your assets without risk.
Contact Us now for a free consultation without obligation.

Capital Guaranteed and Oriented Products

A Capital Guarantee on their investment is something that most investors would like but in reality many of the offerings are not what they seem. e.g. some will offer a capital guarantee subject to the values of the associated investments not dropping below, say 50% of their start price. Added to which there is often a 'lock in' period which, if broken, invalidates the guarantee.

To obtain a realistic Capital Guaranteed product depending on your circumstances and needs, it is essential that you take professional advice with a Consultant who can explain to you clearly the workings of what you are considering. How and how much capital is guaranteed.

At Arya Advisory we have access to a large number of top providers that offer various Capital Guaranteed and capital guarantee oriented products that have varying maturity dates. Our advice is FREE and with no obligation so why not request further information via our online Contact Us section

Fixed Interest Products

For a few years now the stock markets have been very volatile with values dropping significantly the result has been that people have been leaving their hard earned money in bank accounts that pay very little. As part of Arya Advisory service we locate various investment vehicles that are safe and that offer the investor better than average rates on their Fixed Deposits.


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PMS Services Top

We provide capital protection equity linked debentures, stock market pms and also litigation funding pms.

Pension Plans Top

With life expectancy increasing with healthier lifestyles and more effective medication, it is more important than ever to ensure that you have put aside enough for a comfortable lifestyle when you retire. Many people understand the need to save but they often fail to prepare properly by taking into account inflation rates. Clearly, if you live for 25 years after retiring your cash requirements will vary enormously as the years progress. Just calculating basic inflation will not do as the cost of hiring labour would increase more than the inflation rate.
Costs that can be incurred in a city like Vadodara for a proper standard of living for an old retired couple above age 75.
Full time maids – 6000rs. each per month
Driver – 7000rs. per month.
General Medication – 4000rs. per month.
General expenses incl. food – 20000rs. per month.
Hospital charges if admitted – 50000 – 100000rs. per month for I.C.U.
THAT MEANS IF A PERSON IS NOT GETTING 100000RS. PER MONTH OUT OF HIS SAVINGS AFTER AGE 75, He would not enjoy the standard of living he would have enjoyed when he was earning.
Today we hear most people saying that they want to retire at an early age, but that would require meticulous planning financially, emotionally and rationally.

Protection Plans Top

Whether it is a simple Household contents Insurance or a Health or Term Insurance that may include Critical Illnesses or Accidental Disabilities or Keyman cover for your business that is needed there are many ways to get the cover you need, here at Arya Advisory Service we have access to numerous well known Insurance providers that can allow us to obtain the best quotations for any or all of your needs