Services For NRI

Basic Services provided to clients under our financial planning services are as follows:

  • Statements on demand - Mutual Funds
  • Recommendations of entry & exit based on detailed research and analysis of the market, economy and individual funds, schemes and scrips.
  • Periodic review and restructuring of portfolio in response to client needs and market dynamics.
  • Operational support & execution
  • Recommendations on insurance policies best suited to client requirements and needs.
  • Newsletters on e-mail.
  • A Relationship Manager, who will be the contact point for all queries, transactions and any kind of assistance.
  • Discussions on portfolio as and when required.

How to invest in mutual funds?

  1. After discussing the future goals and risk appetite we recommend a scheme or multiple schemes.
  2. The investment forms are e-mailed to you which you print, sign and send back by post/courier with the cheque/d.d.(In Indian Rs.) in favour of the scheme. Along with the forms you have to send PAN copy and KYC copy of each applicant. A nominee does not require to give any documents.
  3. In case you do not have a PAN or KYC we can assist you for the same. Currently PAN is a chargeable service from the Income Tax BUT KYC procedure is not chargeable. For list of documents and formalities for PAN or and KYC please e-mail.
  4. After we receive your courier with the above documents and cheque as per our discussion we will submit the forms and on generation of folio send you a soft copy of the account statement.
  5. In case of any discrepancies in the account statement please intimate us on e-mail so we can get it corrected.
  6. In case of any recommendations of exit we will send you transaction forms for redemption or switch over (soft copy on e-mail) which you can send us back via courier/post. Alternatively we will help you for getting your Internet transaction password which would be couriered to your Indian residence address mentioned in your KYC. Thereafter you can do the transaction for purchase, switch or redemption online.
  7. Please keep one main e-mail id which you can mention in KYC application form and in the common application form. This would be helpful while generating I-Pin password.
  8. While doing any transaction online please remember to give our code ARN – 18500 in the code column because otherwise those particular transactions will not reflect in our system (Our asset management tracking system will also not show and at the fund house it will not show in our code so they may not entertain our queries regarding the same)
  9. NRI can invest in mutual fund either through NRE or NRO account.

How to invest in HDFC Ltd Fixed Deposits through NRO account?


  • Cheque should be issued from NRO A/c only and drawn in favour of “HDFC Ltd.” And marked “Account Payee” only
  • Separate deposit application form for non-resident individuals.