International Products & PMS

Why International Products?

Indian market is considered a highly volatile market currently in comparison to developed markets. Also India is one of the topmost oil importer countries (2011 data) so the fluctuations in Indian stock market are strictly not comparable to all other equity markets for eg. Russia. The world is all the more integrated and though every country has its individual characteristics which would change the place of a country in the economic situation of the world.

As an investor how do we shield ourselves from all of this? After diversifying in asset allocation equity, debt and gold one should look at diversifying across countries either through international products such as international mutual funds or foreign currencies depending on the risk appetite of the investor. There are as many ways of diversifying in the world as there are in India. But this should be undertaken only after the diversification part in various assets of the investor in his home country is already excessive.

Apart from international products one should also look at PMS for reducing risks and maximizing returns. There are capital protection structured PMS which are only available to select investors above a minimum benchmark investment. There are simple equity PMS, asset allocation PMS and even REAL ESTATE PMS. Depending on the time horizon, risk capacity and minimum amount required one can go for PMS. But this should be done only after consulting your financial advisor.

Some current ongoing PMS are as follows: