Arya Advisory Service currently offers two types of services. One is Investment Advisory Services and another is Financial Planning Services.

NO. Investment Advisory Services is not a paid service. Depending on the objectives of the client, the time horizon of the funds to be invested we provide advice for creating a portfolio of investments. Furthermore as and when the client wants to invest additional funds, we provide advice based on mutual understanding of the clients goals and time horizon. This service includes the following:

  • Online access to your mutual fund portfolio.
  • Excel database record and reminders at maturity for your FIXED INCOME PORTFOLIO.
  • Periodic review and restructuring of portfolio in response to client needs and market dynamics.
  • Mutual fund statements on E-mail whenever required by the client.
  • Latest updates/knowledge articles on e-mail.

Financial Planning Services is a paid service. The various plans offered are mentioned in the services offered section under the head financial planning services.

NO. The advice and service quality are not affected in case of your approaching us in any of the two instances. i.e. either for investment advisory only or for financial planning.

In case of financial planning the exact kind of service that we will provide is explicitly mentioned in the outset. E.g. in case of package for salaried people, the steps involved would be a financial plan which states and charts path for all the goals of the client would be prepared as also an agreement in writing would be prepared detailing the terms of contract between the client and Arya Advisory Service. A whole financial plan would be prepared after collecting data of the client adding inflation in that and in case the client also wants Arya Advisory Service to monitor the financial plan then such an undertaking can also be done. Basically financial planning services will be detailed, comprehensive and continuosly monitoring the goals and any deviation thereof with the use of advanced softwares. You can say that all investments, liabs, goals etc. will be inter-linked in case of financial plans as all this will be monitored directly by highly qualified staff with the best inter-linking softwares

It totally depends on you. If you are independent in managing your finances and can link two or more assets or liabilities with ease you can go for investment advisory services. If you feel you do not have the time to track all your goals and would like to track each one of them to completion you should go for financial planning packages. If you are new and cannot decide which to choose you can start with investment advisory services. Gradually as you become comfortable with the concept of investments and with our services you can shift to financial planning packages at your discretion.

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